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Section One:  Scholarship program:

  1. Application (students submit applications according to Section Two below)

  2. Evaluation (applications are stratified by a non-partisan educational board)

  3. Interview (applicants are interviewed based on the stratification results)


Section Two:  Minimum eligibility:

     3.0 GPA 

     *  SAT Score of 1000 or (high school students only)

     *  ACT Score of 19 (high school students only)

     *  1 page resume which includes demonstrated leadership, community service, experience/involvement/stated interest in the aviation field (if applicable) and any special achievements or recognitions received.

     *  1 page essay- 12 Times Roman font, double spaced with 1-inch margins on "The Importance of Leadership (i.e. at home, community, school, etc) and how it impacts 1 or more of the following areas:  1) A healthy home life, 2) Good self-esteem, 3) Quality education,  4) Good career choices, 5) Achieving goals, 6) Good decision-making.

     *  Email packages to FHLLEADERSHIPGROUP@GMAIL.COM  


Section Three:  Supporting documentation:

    *  A letter of recommendation

    *  College acceptance letter (if possible) 

    *  Proof of US Citizenship


Students who participate in the high school scholarship competition can also get involve with the FHL College Intern Scholarship Program.  The ultimate goal is to empower students through mentoring, involvement and management of the FHL Organization from an executive perspective to specific program management areas.  The program will also provide credit for community service learning hours.  Institutions will receive an official letter from FHL detailing total hours volunteered, job position/description and training and goals that were accomplished by the student.  











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