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                                FHL L.I.F.E. PRAYER LINE


                                 ("Live In Faith Everyday") 


“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16).  


FHL is starting a powerfully God-led iniative called the

"FHL L.I.F.E. (Live In Faith Everyday!) Prayer Line.  We're asking for one

hour per year...just ONE HOUR - PER YEAR of your time in meditation,

prayer and revelation of God's Word for our organization.  Simply

click the calendar on the next page and post your comments via the "add event" tab located at the bottom of the calendar page, or you may also email us at  


365 days a year times 24 hours a day = 8,760 volunteers

needed for prayer around the clock to see the vision and mission

manifest itself in accordance with thus says the Lord.  Thank you in

advance for your support, your participation, but most

importantly...your heartfelt and fervent prayers.  You are AWESOME!


God bless!!!   


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